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Our mission is to provide you with the resources to find a Biomimetic Dentist and to educate Patients, Practitioners, Educational Institutions, Governing Bodies, Dental Plan Providers and Policy Makers about Biomimetic Dentistry.

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A Biomimetic restoration costs a little more than a composite-resin filling but A LOT LESS than a Crown! Couple that with keeping much more of my natural tooth and a one-visit experience. I'm so glad my dentist learned and told me about Biomimetic Dentistry!
- Patricia A.

Crowns can come loose and/or fall out. Maybe even get lost. Since meeting my current dentist, I don't think I'll ever have a crown put in my mouth again.
- Dwight F.

About... "Find A Biomimetic Dentist"

Biomimetic dentistry is a dental discipline which values the vitality of the tooth over the longevity of its restoration. If a failure occurs, it should occur within the restoration... not the tooth structure.

In areas around the world, it is called other things, such as "Bio-Emulation Dentistry", "Microdentistry", or "Minimally Invasive Adhesive Dentistry".

We choose to call it Biomimetic Dentistry, but what patients and practitioners can agree upon is, no matter what you call it, it means the same thing. That is, honoring natural tooth structure with the science-backed clinical techniques that prevent recurrent decay, maintain tooth vitality and keep your mouth healthy.

These techniques, backed by over 25 years of research and subsequent clinical experience, are slowly being adopted by dentists and dental schools as the new paradigm in dental treatment and good oral health. That's because in practices where patients are treated biomimetically, results demonstrate that root canal therapy on vital teeth is reduced by up to 90% and new crowns on partially broken down teeth are eliminated.

No "One Person" created biomimetic dentistry. Scientists around the world have been researching the materials and chemistry which work in the oral environment for years. This science effectively lived in a vacuum and most clinical dentists didn't know about it.

Research and clinical application effectively live in silos. Dr. David Alleman is one of several practitioners who stopped to read the science and develop effective, predictable and repeatable protocols for it to be included in the dental office. Without marrying the research in the lab to the patient in the dental chair, this type of clinical dentistry would not exist.

We believe Biomimetic dentistry could reduce the overall cost of dental care by 68%. And, with reductions like that, oral health care becomes more affordable to you and more available to the population.

Biomimetic dentistry is at the tipping point in general adoption. We are reaching out to Dentists, Educators, Legislators, Policy Makers, Governing Bodies and Dental Plan Providers to facilitate understanding and enable mainstream adoption and acceptance.

Good oral health is intimately associated with good systemic health. We invite you to find and use a biomimetic dentist as you seek out these 21st century progressive and clinically proven techniques provided by well-educated oral health care providers.

When you do, please tell them you found them at www.findabiomimeticdentist.com, or more easily written... http://thefabd.com