"Dental amalgam relies on mechanical interlocking for adhesion and the destruction of sound tooth structure is necessary with re-intervention in one in three cases being extraction or crowning."
Garry Fleming
Associate Professor, Dental Science. Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Since I had my first Biomimetic restoration, my "Dental Anxiety" has disappeared! I'm so grateful.
- Douglas N.

Tinman Dental

TinMan Dental is a cosmetic dental product distributor for many top manufacturers; including, Danville Materials, Kuraray Dental, Tokuyama Dental, DMG America, Morita USA, Premier Dental and SS White to name just a few. We are located in Redding, California. We are able to get our orders out to our customers within five days or less.
Tinman Dental.

CrystalAir Air Abrasion

No more drilling! Find out about the CrystalAir Air Abrasion system.

Air Abrasion Video.

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