A friend recommended a biomimetic dentist when I was told I needed a crown. One visit, half the cost and no discomfort! My former dentist is now my FORMER dentist!
- Steven D.
Long Island, NY

A Biomimetic restoration costs a little more than a composite-resin filling but A LOT LESS than a Crown! Couple that with keeping much more of my natural tooth and a one-visit experience. I'm so glad my dentist learned and told me about Biomimetic Dentistry!
- Patricia A.

CrystalAir Air Abrasion

No more drilling! Find out about the CrystalAir Air Abrasion system.

Air Abrasion Video.

Global Surgical

A microscope benefits every procedure by helping you to better diagnose and predictably treat your patients. The clear magnified images that are possible with a dental microscope provide details that are difficult to see even with loupes.
Global Surgical

Learning is an ongoing process and on this page, we present opportunitues for you to both learn more about Biomimetic dentistry as well as earn CE credits.