Every time a dentist drills into a tooth, you're condemning that person to a refilling years down the road.
- Dr. James Bader. UNC School of Dentistry
NY Times: November 28, 2011

I didn't want the root canal my dentist told me I needed. I used your site and found a biomimetic dentist. She evaluated the tooth and ended up with a comfortable filling (no root canal) and my tooth is still alive! And also, I won't be needing a crown! No pain in my mouth; No pain in my wallet!
Mike H. Long Island, NY

The Clark Gillies Foundation

The Clark Gillies Foundation is a non-profit corporation developed to help children who are physically, developmentally, and/or financially challenged. This assistance can be in the form of payments for medical servies, family financial aid, events to enhance the quality of life, and many other forms. Our goal is to help children improve the quality of life and be of assistance in a time of crisis.
Find A Biomimetic Dentist supports the Clark Gillies Foundation.

Common Sense

A natural way to help raise oral pH in acidic mouths. For teeth brushing and reducing pathogenic bacteria in the mouth.
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